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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 The Ambivisual Principle - By Reg Blackwood - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  The Ambivisual Principle - By Reg Blackwood - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
The Ambivisual Principle (formerly BackTrack!) utilises properties inherent in many photographs, drawings, illustrations and everyday objects which can be used in mentalism effects in at least two different ways:1. To achieve multiple outs in both prediction effects and “subliminal influence” type effects.2. For secret communication to an instant accomplice, for...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Swipe It - By Jose Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Swipe It - By Jose Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Remote viewing, mind reading, song revelations, predictions and more!  All with an iPhone or iPod Touch (Some Android phones can be used for this too).  Swipeit is impromptu, can be performed with a spectator’s phone and no special apps or software are needed.  Absolutely no...
 $32.99  Buy Now
 Subliminal Squares - By Dr Bill - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Subliminal Squares - By Dr Bill - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 This isn’t your grandpa’s magic square!   Dr. Bill originally released Subliminal Square as an alternative to the traditional instant magic square plot. Instead of the mentalist rapidly completing the square with a number provided by an audience member, using a Subliminal Square he rapidly implants a...
 $51.99  Buy Now
 Stripped and Stacked - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Stripped and Stacked - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 While this book continues Jon Thompson's commitment to publishing quality work for the stripper deck, it’s not all about the world’s most versatile and examinable gaffed deck. Granted, it shows how to use partial stacks to create magic made all the stronger by emerging from a shuffled...
 $13.99  Buy Now
 Straight On by Martin Vetter - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Straight On by Martin Vetter - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Imagine the following. You borrow a deck of cards and say you'll show how to stack cards for a game of poker. However it will be too easy for you to do so yourself, so instead you'll teach a spectator how to use their intuition to stack the...
 $21.99  Buy Now
 Star -  By David Forrest  - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Star - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  The T&R that breaks the mould! Effect: Fold a selected and signed card into quarters and then fairly rip it up!...
 $20.99  Buy Now
   Predicting the future is a core concept in mentalism. If you are a magician you need to be able to make a prediction whenever and wherever you are on the spot. It has to be direct, clean, and perfectly fair. Now you...
 $21.99  Buy Now
 Spikes Alive Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Spikes Alive Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Magician shows a large box sitting upon a thin table and revolves it. It has a front and back door and a lid.  The magician's assistant now has a red hanky tied to one of her wrists. He removes the lid of the box and his assistant...
 $23.99  Buy Now
 Rush - Close Up Russian Roulette - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Rush - Close Up Russian Roulette - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 RUSSIAN ROULETTE FOR CLOSE UP MAGICIANSBy Dee Christopher  How to perform Russian Roulette with normal disposable lighters  Dee Christopher has been performing Russian Roulette magic tricks on stage for almost a decade. If you have had the pleasure of witnessing is act, you will know it has used spikes, staple...
 $24.99  Buy Now
 Previous Convictions - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Previous Convictions - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Effects in Previous Convictions:The Go-Between Trans-Collection Attractive Hot Thoughts Bullet Proof Fastest Sandwich The Circle By Royal Command Quick Bite Recount Down Cannibal Land Slick Nick Trick ...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Peeki - By Jose Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Peeki - By Jose Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Peeki is an ungimmicked peek wallet which can be bought at pretty much any store that sells wallets. There is no trickery to be found in the wallet and thus it is fully examinable before and after the effect. The secret is in how the wallet is...
 $8.99  Buy Now
 Pareidolia Thoughts By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Pareidolia Thoughts By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Pareidolia: The desire to associate a vague stimulus as something the person already knows. For example, this may be the reason people often interprete the marks on Mars as canals, or creating shapes in cloud formations, or even hearing secret messages in reversed audo recordings.Harness this phenomena in your...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Paradigm Shift - By Leon Deo Scott - Instant Video Download  Paradigm Shift - By Leon Deo Scott - Instant Video Download
    Perfect impromptu magic you can do with just a regular coin! Leon Deo Scott teaches you his 'one coin flourish routine' Paradigm Shift  Expert tuition on the Retention of Vision Vanish, it's applications and variations. Topics covered include: Finger Palm and Production Deo Scott Retention V1 Palm Shift Subtlety  Deo Scott Retention V2 Deo Scott Retention...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Ouija Board - A Guide for the Occult Performer - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Ouija Board - A Guide for the Occult Performer - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
By Freddy Valentine  For your audience there is nothing more thrilling than a conversation with dead people. It’s all the more incredible when they are doing all the work with your completely hands off and using a normal, completely ungimmcked Ouija board. This ebook tells you how...
 $46.99  Buy Now
 Origin - By Dee Chistopher - Magic Tricks and Mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Origin - By Dee Chistopher - Magic Tricks and Mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 For more than ten years, Dee Chistopher has been training magicians and mentalists around the world. With his new ebook Origin, he has collected his very best work (including unique material never before released to the magic community). He teaches his most coverted magic tricks and ...
 $41.99  Buy Now
 Open Secrets - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Open Secrets - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
PSYCHOGRAPHY: Before you begin, you remove a card from the deck and, without showing its face, you place it between a spectator’s hands. This, you state, ...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Octa-Gone Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Octa-Gone Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
A low octagon shaped table is shown. It is one inch thick and has a black canvas tube laying upon it. The audience can see over, around and under the table which is revolved to show all sides also proving the absence of is just a...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Occult Magic 2 - By Lord Freddie Valentine - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Occult Magic 2 - By Lord Freddie Valentine - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
The second volume in the Occult Magic series, Into The Darkness takes you further into the workings of an occult/paranormal show including pulse reading, planting seeds in the audience's minds, hypnotic time travel, turning an audience member into a trance medium, making and selling your own...
 $24.99  Buy Now
 Occult Magic - An Introduction - By Lord Freddie Valentine - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Occult Magic - An Introduction - By Lord Freddie Valentine - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
For those that wish to enter the darker side of entertainment, this book is a primer which will lead you in all the right directions.The book covers props, character, performance, performance, creating back stories, tools of the trade, performance construction and some excellent bonus material from Paul Prater and Stephen...
 $24.99  Buy Now
 Naked Mentalism 2 - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Naked Mentalism 2 - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
    This ebook takes the 27-page priming section from the previous volume and expands it into a full second book. At its core are the 66 priming categories along with notes about their individual properties. The majority are in print here for the first time. There’s also a...
 $41.99  Buy Now
 Naked Mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Naked Mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 NAKED MENTALISMSTRIPPED OF METHOD After extensive testing by  a host of experienced performers, the wait is finally over. This book represents a new departure in the field of mentalism. The techniques it contains will enable you to perform impromptu, without the usual tools, techniques and compromises. You...
 $32.99  Buy Now
 N.D.E. - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  N.D.E. - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
ACQUIESCENCE: Two spectators each lay out pairs of cards from freely shuffled packets. Despite any constraints you have accurately predicted the outcome. Miraskillesque perhaps? ...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Musical Influences - By Nefesch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Musical Influences - By Nefesch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
This is a 100 pages book, that will teach you SEVERAL MENTALISM EFFECTS, all of them related with MUSIC.Let me tell you a REAL story:I received a call from a producer who asked me to meet him for an interview to discuss the chance of me being the OPENER for...
 $56.99  Buy Now
 Mirror Melt thru Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Mirror Melt thru Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
On stage is seen a large 3ft square mirror within its own frame and standing upon its own trestle legs on top of a wheeled base. The magician taps the mirror and spins it showing the rear..It is a normal mirror. He now invites a member of...
 $41.99  Buy Now
 MindCraft: Perceptions - By Bill Dekel - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  MindCraft: Perceptions - By Bill Dekel - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  A collection of effects that deal directly with thoughts.  Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked. Combat with your thoughts, divine birthdays, scam bar mates, use two different cold reading presentations, make your spectator...
 $23.99  Buy Now
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