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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 How To Get Away With Murder - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  How To Get Away With Murder - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Dee Christopher exposes the trickery, deception and fraud under taken by the world’s leading psychics, psychokinetics and mediums. Unlike other studies of this nature in the parapsychological world, the author’s background lies in the art of conjuring, sleight of hand and mentalism. You will...
 $41.99  Buy Now
 Hidden Agenda - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Hidden Agenda - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 CONTENTS AND EFFECTS THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS: A different approach to the Vernon Triumph effect which originally appeared in Stars of Magic. ...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Headroom - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Headroom - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   "I really like Either OR, and will be using it. This is worth the price of the PDF in my opinion." -- Devin Knight"'A rough Year, Too' (is) one of the best and fair diary effects I've ever seen." -- Raphael Czaja "I have a few of Cameron's releases now and they...
 $10.99  Buy Now
 Girl Thru Rope Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Girl Thru Rope Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  The Magician shows a length of rope and an empty framed cabinet. He invites his assistant or a member of the audience to enter the cabinet as the rope is threaded across the girls only exit route. Two small doors are now closed in front of the...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Giant Square Circle Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Giant Square Circle Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
A large colourful open topped box is shown and spun around to show all sides. The box has an open mesh front through which can be seen a colourful tube inside. The outer square tube is lifted and shown empty. Now the inner round tube is lifted...
 $6.99  Buy Now
 Geometric Appearance Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Geometric Appearance Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
As the curtains open, an unusually shaped tall cabinet is seen on stage. Two stage assistants enter and spin the cabinet around to show all sides. The Assistants then open the front door which hinges down to allow the audience a clear view inside the open topped...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Gateway to Hell Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Gateway to Hell Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Effect 1: A Gothic style archway is seen on wheeled base. It has sides but no front or back. The magician and his assistant enter dressed in robes. The girl stands in the archway while the magician ties her hands and feet to each side. The magician...
 $19.99  Buy Now
 Fractured Mind - Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Fractured Mind - Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Card Tricks for the  Fractured Mind Twelve New Card Routines All Using a Regular Deck. ...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Flatline Control - Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Flatline Control - Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Imagine a control with no control A control with no sleights, no dodgy looking moves A control thats so BLUNT its just not seen.... This is FLATLINE This download comes with an ebook with a full explanation of the control including pictures for visual aid. Also included in the...
 $8.99  Buy Now
 Fire Pyramid Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Fire Pyramid Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
This is one of magic’s most flamboyant and spectacular illusions. The magician shows a small black pyramid and spins it to show all sides. His lovely assistant now enters and is handcuffed and chained. The top of the pyramid is opened and the magician lifts her
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Evolution - No Gimmick Cap in Bottle - By Rus Andrews - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD  Evolution - No Gimmick Cap in Bottle - By Rus Andrews - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD
    Evolution by Rus Andrews is an impromptu approach to the classic cap in bottle effect.Imagine being able to take an empty beer bottle from a random table in a bar or nightclub, then taking any bottle cap, perhaps from behind the bar or from another drink…Have...
 $21.99  Buy Now
It’s a peek wallet…without the wallet! Evil Twin is an easy-to-make / easy-to-use gimmick that allows you to obtain information in a super-clean way. You will need some blank business cards or other small cards one can write on.   What others are saying about Evil Twin: "It is...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 England Up Close - Compiled by Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  England Up Close - Compiled by Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Jon Allen Sad Aces Jamie BadmanCall as Ace Anthony Brahams A.A. David Britland Progressive Jacks Sean Carpenter Insertion TechniqueNamed! Harold Cataquet ESP MentalLazy Man's Hanging Coins Roger Crosthwaite Surprise Royal Flush DealAn Off-Colour DealPolygraph Wayne Dobson Vision / Ring Flash-2 Shiv Duggal Girl Talk Nicholas Einhorn Coincidence Mark Elsdon Station...
 $21.99  Buy Now
 Duplo - By Jose Prager - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD  Duplo - By Jose Prager - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  Duplo is a very organic drawing duplication. The remarkable gimmick enables you to immediately acquire the thoughts of anyone!    What others are saying about Duplo: "Very simple,direct and organic... This could be done in your birthday suit,with nothing more than a marker and one business card and you never peek...
 $21.99  Buy Now
 Duplex - By Kevin Schaller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Duplex - By Kevin Schaller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO     Duplex is a card rising effect from Kevin Schaller that you are definitely going to love!A freely chosen and signed card is lost into the deck and the deck is put back into the box. Without any funny moves the signed card starts to rise all...
 $5.99  Buy Now
 DUAL -  Practical Miracles - By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  DUAL - Practical Miracles - By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   Mind Travel? Out of Body? Astral Travel? A home-made "any word" book test? Welcome to Dual. 1) A journey in 80 seconds: A participant thinks of a country while he holds a coin. The performer is able to reveal his thought and creates physical proof of...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Dog Kennel Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Dog Kennel Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
On stage is seen a small dog kennel on wheels. The kennel is spun around to show all sides. There is a small bone house on the back. The front door is flipped open to show the audience a completely empty interior. The magician now brings out...
 $14.99  Buy Now
  “This may just turn out to be the trick of 2011.” - Jim Klodzen "This is an ingenious principle that is entirely reliable and realistic. Everyone needs this because it is simple, direct, and completely impromptu." - Kenton Knepper     Imagine asking your spectator to place their hand...
 $23.99  Buy Now
DICHOTOMY A seperation of reds and blacks with surgical precision By Dee Christopher      BASIC EFFECT: The performer talks about intuition, chance and that little feeling we get when we know something is right, or wrong. A deck of cards is introduced and legitimately shuffled. Half the deck is put away...
 $24.99  Buy Now
 Deck Direct - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Deck Direct - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
CENTRIFUGAL DIARY: The classic diary prediction as popularised by Ted Danson. However, hopefully, the method will be new to the readers. ...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Cronos - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Cronos - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
"I hate watch effects. When Dee said he'd like me to take a look at his because it was 'different' I did the polite thing and tried to squirm out of it. Eventually I read it and what he has created IS different, it IS practical and...
 $32.99  Buy Now
 Coffin of Cryptonia Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Coffin of Cryptonia Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  An up right coffin on a thin base is seen upon the stage with a clear crystal front panel. The audience can clearly see the pleated purple fabric inside. Your assistant now enters the stage and revolves the coffin around to show all sides. She now removes...
 $23.99  Buy Now
 Cliff - By Jose Prager - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD  Cliff - By Jose Prager - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD
CLIFF is an unprecedented, groundbreaking new concept in the art of PK magic. The gimmick, virtually invisible to the naked eye, can be with you at all times, and is applicable to a nearly limitless amount of objects. You can easily perform CLIFF in the midst of...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Christmas Tree Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Christmas Tree Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Effect: On stage is seen a 6 foot high Christmas tree completely bare. A cloth lays in front of it. The magician grabs the cloth and raises it covering the tree from view - 3 seconds later he lowers the cloth to reveal that the tree is...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Chateau Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Chateau Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
A chateau castle upon a table is shown all around, and the drawbridge is lowered to allow the audience a complete view of the inside of the chateau. The top tower is also displayed to be empty. A doll resembling a princess is placed into the chateau...
 $13.99  Buy Now
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