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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 Tri Section Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Tri Section Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
You show a small cabinet on wheels and open the front doors. Your assistant is placed into the cabinet which is only just big enough to house her. Two blades are inserted through the cabinet dividing it into three. Her hand can be seen thru a hand...
 $19.99  Buy Now
 Appearing Bunny Box Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Appearing Bunny Box Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
A children’s magician comes to the end of his show and announces that he brought a special guest with him – A rabbit called “Flash”. He asks the boys and girls if they would like to see him, they all shout yes. The magician brings forward a...
 $18.99  Buy Now
 Impromptu Prediction -  By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Impromptu Prediction - By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Do you want an impossible looking prediction with simple objects and easy moves ?Last year Pablo Amira published the “Impromptu and Colorful Prediction” eBook and book with great response from the community.A few performers asked me after that if I have a way to predict thoughts using just papers and...
 $18.99  Buy Now
 Kapow - Instant Download  Kapow - Instant Download
By Cameron Francis & Liam Montier  "Great book!" -- John Guastaferro"This is such a brilliant book. Classic Montier madness mixed with Cameron's usual brilliance makes for such strong magic. One of the best PDF's to come out this year!" -- Jamie Daws"(Cheater's Sleeve is) so clean and very...
 $18.99  Buy Now
 Cards in Principle - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Cards in Principle - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Here is a brief description of the effects in Cards in Principle:AUTO - SPLIT: A mysterious double card revelation, where a spectator manages to separate the colours of the cards with the exception of...
 $17.99  Buy Now
 Behind The Magic - By Mark Daniel - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Behind The Magic - By Mark Daniel - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 "When it comes to getting the job and getting the job done, Mark is the UK's answer to David Kaye. Highly recommended!" - MARK JAMES - INTERNATIONAL COMEDY MAGICIAN & LECTURER'...the advice applies to many fields of magic, in fact any situation where the promotion and professional approach is required.'...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 By Proxy - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  By Proxy - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 How would you like to have an out for practically any of your magic effects? Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well By Proxy is pretty much too good to be true! Alan has taken an everyday object, your iPhone and turned it into a utility device that...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Cello Change - By Chris Webb - INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO  Cello Change - By Chris Webb - INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO
   The colour change is arguably one of the most impressive and magical sleights a card magician can perform for a layperson. They are visual eye candy for any spectator and can have a look of pure magic, well some of them can... Cello Change is definitely one of the magicial...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Censored - By Jose Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Censored - By Jose Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
This is a compilation of three of Prager's effects. 1. The Bite (a way to secretly mark billets)2. Peeki (an UNGIMMICKED peek wallet)3. Genocidio (a variation on Kenton Knepper's Kolossal Killer avoiding 'the out') 1st edition 2011; 16 pages. 
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Christmas Tree Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Christmas Tree Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Effect: On stage is seen a 6 foot high Christmas tree completely bare. A cloth lays in front of it. The magician grabs the cloth and raises it covering the tree from view - 3 seconds later he lowers the cloth to reveal that the tree is...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 DUAL -  Practical Miracles - By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  DUAL - Practical Miracles - By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   Mind Travel? Out of Body? Astral Travel? A home-made "any word" book test? Welcome to Dual. 1) A journey in 80 seconds: A participant thinks of a country while he holds a coin. The performer is able to reveal his thought and creates physical proof of...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Fire Pyramid Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Fire Pyramid Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
This is one of magic’s most flamboyant and spectacular illusions. The magician shows a small black pyramid and spins it to show all sides. His lovely assistant now enters and is handcuffed and chained. The top of the pyramid is opened and the magician lifts her
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Fractured Mind - Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Fractured Mind - Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Card Tricks for the  Fractured Mind Twelve New Card Routines All Using a Regular Deck. ...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Geometric Appearance Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Geometric Appearance Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
As the curtains open, an unusually shaped tall cabinet is seen on stage. Two stage assistants enter and spin the cabinet around to show all sides. The Assistants then open the front door which hinges down to allow the audience a clear view inside the open topped...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Intuition Key - By Pablo Amira - Instant Download  Intuition Key - By Pablo Amira - Instant Download
  A lock with several keys are produced in a wine glass. The spectator tries each one, proving that only 1 opens the lock.Using just his intuition, he is able to locate the correct key.Completely free choiceAs simple as that!Hands offNo gimmicked locks, keys, nothing     Review by Rebecca Harris  What Is It?...
 $16.99  Buy Now
  A LEGION OF OUTS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT The legion device is something I’ve kept under wraps for some time, some of my closer friends have seen me work with this, but I didn’t tend to perform it around magicians up until recently when I decided that it was...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Liebrary By J Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Liebrary By J Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 This is an ebook test. Yes, not a book test done with actual paper copies, but rather a book test done with ebooks, PDF ebooks that is. The advantage here is that you can perform it wherever you have your smartphone, tablet or iPad with you.  Effect:...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Octa-Gone Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Octa-Gone Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
A low octagon shaped table is shown. It is one inch thick and has a black canvas tube laying upon it. The audience can see over, around and under the table which is revolved to show all sides also proving the absence of is just a...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Pareidolia Thoughts By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Pareidolia Thoughts By Pablo Amira - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Pareidolia: The desire to associate a vague stimulus as something the person already knows. For example, this may be the reason people often interprete the marks on Mars as canals, or creating shapes in cloud formations, or even hearing secret messages in reversed audo recordings.Harness this phenomena in your...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Previous Convictions - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Previous Convictions - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Effects in Previous Convictions:The Go-Between Trans-Collection Attractive Hot Thoughts Bullet Proof Fastest Sandwich The Circle By Royal Command Quick Bite Recount Down Cannibal Land Slick Nick Trick ...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 The Gathering - By Jamie Daws (Ebook PDF Version)- INSTANT DOWNLOAD  The Gathering - By Jamie Daws (Ebook PDF Version)- INSTANT DOWNLOAD
         Imagine having a card selected and signed. Then punching two holes in one end of the card. The holes being about a centimetre from each other. Then borrowing a finger ring and visually linking their ring onto the holes in the signed card.... Okay, that’s impressive but not impossible... BUT...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 The Gathering - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO  The Gathering - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO
  The Gathering - Link a borrowed finger ring onto a signed playing card! Jamie was made a lot of offers from...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 The Showgirls Costume trunk Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  The Showgirls Costume trunk Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
The magician brings on stage an old trunk on a wheeled base. He explains that it once belonged to an old showgirl who kept her costumes inside it. He opens up the trunks lid and lowers the trunks front panel to reveal 3 drawers inside the trunk....
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Three Will - Sleight of Tongue - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Three Will - Sleight of Tongue - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Three Minds - One WillAn Experiment in Subliminal SuggestionBy Laurence Hookway   THREE WILL PREMISE: 

Is the concept of 'Free Will' a delusion of the mind used to convince ourselves that the decisions we make are our own, that we are in control? 

How many of the apparently free choices we make every...
 $16.99  Buy Now
 Dog Kennel Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Dog Kennel Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
On stage is seen a small dog kennel on wheels. The kennel is spun around to show all sides. There is a small bone house on the back. The front door is flipped open to show the audience a completely empty interior. The magician now brings out...
 $14.99  Buy Now
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