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Stripped and Stacked - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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While this book continues Jon Thompson's commitment to publishing quality work for the stripper deck, it’s not all about the world’s most versatile and examinable gaffed deck.

Granted, it shows how to use partial stacks to create magic made all the stronger by emerging from a shuffled deck. It also shows how to merge stacks to create full routines, and even shows how to update effects from yesteryear using the deck’s unique qualities.


22 professional effects  covering:

Divining random words found by the spectator in a shuffled alphabet deck,

How to enhance your reputation with a tarot deck.

How to beat tightly controlled experiments by delivering feats of precognition.

How to test the spectator’s own intuitive abilities.


'Right, now, I was never much of a stripper man, nor a stacking kinda guy...but slowly, as I taught my creaking brain the virtues of such; i became quite the fan...

This is a very strong and very well explained treatise on the myriad of applications at your disposal of the stripper deck, combined with a stacking system...

If you're new to stacking, don't worry - everything is explained in full, with little charts and demonstrations throughout. Once you learn it - that's it...And it's very simple, simple enough even for me to learn it after a couple of hours or so...

What I really liked about this book is how you get taught the principle first, then shown how to apply what you've just read into an effect or two. Infact, there's a whole section purely on "how to put a partial stack" into an effect, both new and old.

For the price especially, I think Jon has outdone himself - Two powerful and often overlooked tools in the modern-day way of card work it seems to my eyes at least...

Once you get to grips with the principles, you have a fresh new world of chicanery and deviousness to play with - whether its ESP testing, card work, tarot, mentalism and even humble envelopes and other such tools...
and i especially liked the alphabet deck stack, if you add in a book test or word force...excellent!

One of my ow now favourite effects infact uses a stacked tarot deck - and the responses I get are marvellous...and i especially look forward to playing around with the envelopes method soon...just apply your own creativity to what you will learn from this book - and away you go...

You don't necessarily have to own the first book to buy this, though if you're brand new to stripping 
i'd say try may just get the taste for it...

A cracking little book - full to the brim with strippers and stacking uses...hard to fault, very usable.' - IAIN - TALKMAGIC Reviewer
106 Pages PDF EBOOK


 PDF Ebook for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Kindle
Stripper Deck not included.
A range of stripper decks to use with this ebook are available on this site.

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