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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 Faultless - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Faultless - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Faultless is the latest PDF offering from the creator of S.C-A.R-E.D andGatheRing. In the making for just under 5 years and kept underground for the past year. This is for the performer who wants to add pure emotion into his performance. With every aspect of the effect taken into consideration, FAULTLESS is...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Right Now - By Nefesch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Right Now - By Nefesch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
RIGHT NOW is the name of my new manuscript, and includes three MENTALISM effects, that you can do any time anywhere to convince people that you CAN REALLY READ THEIR MINDS, this are effects that you can peform anytime someone asks you: "READ MY MIND RIGHT NOW"(which I don't know about...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Poker Face - By Martin Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Poker Face - By Martin Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Have a spectator think of a playing card. Now you are able to reveal their freely thought of card in seconds.  Poker Face comes with four routines ideas and all the necessary information that you need to make your own simple gimmicks, so you will be performing Poker Face in...
 $23.99  Buy Now
 Friendly Fire  By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Friendly Fire By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Almost 30 effects, routines and flourishes from New Directions Magazine!All from an Amazing List of Contributors!What exciting times these were. The MASTERS like Marlo, Andrus, and Lorayne where at the top of their game and the NEW FACES like Sankey, Sanders and Harkey were just emerging. And, NEW DIRECTIONS captured a...
 $23.99  Buy Now
 Reverse Mind Read - By Fraser Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Reverse Mind Read - By Fraser Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Reverse Mind Read is how I would use such a combination of principles and I am proud to be associated with this work from one of my personal Students.- Kenton KnepperA deck of cards is spread before the eyes of a spectator. You then look into the eyes of the spectator and reveal in...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Alone - By Ben Prime - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Alone - By Ben Prime - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
         THE CARD TECHNIQUE OF BEN PRIME        Trans A stunning super direct transposition effect. A card is chosen and placed back on the top of the deck. The deck is then cut to a random card which is turned face up and the deck closed. When the deck is spread, it is...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Dexplode - The Exploding Deck - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Dexplode - The Exploding Deck - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Imagine the shock on a spectator's face when they squeeze the deck you have been using inbetween their palms and it breaks into four solid blocks, leaving only their card intact! This is only one of the handlings for this off the wall idea by Rus Andrews, delve deeper into...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Paranoid - by Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Paranoid - by Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Paranoid is a collection of some of Rus Andrews latest creations that he has been  performing in bars and nightclubs across the uk. "Why PARANOID? Some of the effects included may seem quite bold but it is from the buzz you get from being bold that these effects were...
 $15.99  Buy Now
  Alida is a close up levitation that you can use to float small objects like playing cards and money. With this method you will be able to take a spectator's card and cause it to float right under the spectator's nose!       Introduction to Alida by creator Ben Harris: 'This little...
 $7.50  Buy Now
 The King Has Left the Building + Amnesia - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  The King Has Left the Building + Amnesia - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 "An excellent collection of quality close-up magic that I really enjoyed reading. It's a long time since I've been able to say that about a book. Highly recommended." - Peter Duffie "Jeff’s book is filled with Novel Effects, Superb Presentations, Excellent Prose and Outstanding Illustrations. They say if you find...
 $23.99  Buy Now
 Sharp Money - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Sharp Money - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 THIS IS FANTASTIC! if you do not have this go buy it now!Alan Rorrison - Creator of fine products such as Misleading Misled and Sigilum Diaboli and many others! D*mn, Ben! I've been looking for a practical way to do this for years. Well this is pretty darn practical!...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Yokai  -  by Phill Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Yokai - by Phill Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Are your performances unique?"I have never seen anything remotely like that. I don't even know what to call it?"The long awaited new ebook from the creator of Mitox is finally here!I have always sought to open my audience's minds to new ideas, to help them see the world with new eyes....
 $39.99  Buy Now
 PSI Stealth - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  PSI Stealth - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
    "Professional routines,ideas and handlings with the PSI SHARPIE PEN.Includes the amazing Phone Call To Houdini"   Here is a collection of professional ideas and approaches with the PSI SHARPIE PEN. If you are in agreement with the author that the advertised effect of making the pen spin 360 degrees is possibly "a...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Bands of Gold - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Bands of Gold - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   "Ben's Band Book is some of the best band and card magic ever.Some could be plucked out and used as single trick downloads. Highly recommended." ***** 5/5 Stars - Jamie Daws"    The opening trick in this gorgeous book is just cool. A mini bet in which 2 bands are shown around...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 1 3 1 - By Bill Perkins - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  1 3 1 - By Bill Perkins - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 1:3:1 is the brainchild of creator Bill Perkins (In Your Face Change). It is a e-book of 4 routines and a great, smooth eye level colour change that looks great and is immensely easy to do! These routines are all easy to perform and have been streamlined so they get...
 $14.50  Buy Now
 Smile - By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Smile - By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Ready? Smile! Create an amazing piece of magic with a borrowed cell phone and borrowed cards. Smile is a creation of Justin Miller's with inspiration from bSmith and Joel Paschall. A card is selected and lost in the deck. You find the wrong card and take a photo of the...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Cellblock - By Robert Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Cellblock - By Robert Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  A card to cellphone that you WILL do! This powerful routine has been carefully constructed to give you an easy to perform series of effects with multiple climaxes that will get the best reactions imaginable! The best part is you can perform cell block with any deck of any brand!...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Trio  - by Freddy Marlow - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Trio - by Freddy Marlow - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  By Freddy MarlowTrio is a collection of three cigarette effects which are both strong and very visual!Each effect can be used separately or as part of a larger routine.   Cigarette Through Hand: The performer borrows a cigarette and pushes in into his palm. As the audience realises that it hasn't dropped...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Epic Flight - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Epic Flight - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
The odd scientific principle discovered by Harris in 1980makes this amazing coin transposition possible!Two coins are displayed. One is marked with a large cross and a spectator confirms that the cross will not rub off the coin. In full view, the marked coin and the plain coin transpose THROUGH THE...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 Zoom By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Zoom By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 "The construction of the card is ingenious..."- Michael Close (MAGIC Magazine)  The famous and easy animated card that mysteriously moves AWAY from your fingers-zooming across the table. Examinable, before, during and after. One of the most devious uses of Elastic Thread ever created. This effect is one of Ben Harris' most...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Travel - Mindreading By Martin Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Travel - Mindreading By Martin Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Anytime - Anywhere - In The Mind - On the Streets"Travel is a technically a very simple effect, you can go out and perform it pretty much straight away, it's strength is in this simplicity, it's an IDEAL opener for any mentalist or magician" - Dee Christopher  You introduce a laminated card which is covered...
 $17.99  Buy Now
 This and That - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  This and That - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 You predict in advancewhich card will be named! EASY AND FUN  This and That was a big seller back in the mid 1980's when the "Oscar" and "Phil" craze were at their peaks.A spectator names any card (free choice) and you display that your deck has marked backs. They are all...
 $7.99  Buy Now
 Enlightenment - Book 1 - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Enlightenment - Book 1 - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  "Everything you needto start a new religion.I'm having so much fun with this..."- Nathan Kranzo    Enlightenment is a revolutionary way of using magnets to create the illuson of levitating a playing card or a dollar note.This 100 page book gives you all of the details. Learn the back history, how a...
 $20.99  Buy Now
 Hoodwink - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Hoodwink - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   "I highly recommend this to all of you who areinterested in learning a devilishly cleverapproach to TORN & RESTORED CARD"- Danny Orleans (Genii Magazine)    HOODWINK is based on the author's own effect, "Prime Hole Card" from 1983. It became a best-seller when re-released in 1999. Everyone was concentrating so hard on...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Oil and Water Delux By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Oil and Water Delux By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
     "A fully illustrated and fleshed outhandling - the real work-originally apearing in the Singapore Notes in brief form..."     This effect appears described briefly, yet adequately, in the SINGAPORE LECTURE NOTES. This is a more thorough description and is accompanied by clear photographs, making it EASIER to learn.The routine uses four black...
 $9.99  Buy Now
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