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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 Erdnase Revelation - By Zenneth Kok - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Erdnase Revelation - By Zenneth Kok - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
    "Zenneth combines eye-popping sleights and flourishes with well-constructed routining. The results are both visually-effective and very magical." Peter Duffie "...serious card magicians will find much to study and absorb." ...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Exhibit A - By Simon Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Exhibit A - By Simon Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 In this effect you tell a story with help from some spectators. All the important details are given to you by them and you have no control over what they say. Despite this, these details appear inside a book of matches, inside your pocket. And a card, crucial to story,...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Explosive Card Magic - By Jamie Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Explosive Card Magic - By Jamie Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Jamie Adams first e-book contains a fantastic collection of close up card magic for the working performer. Amongst the fifteen effects are some new takes on classic plots such as the "ACAAN" and the "Psychological Stop Trick" and some fresh effects such as "Little Willy Wizard" and the "1 In...
 $23.99  Buy Now
 What is FADE?  It is a Topitless, lapless, propless way to vanish, secretly exchange or visually switch a coin or other small object.   Titanas brings you a fundamental technique that EVERY magician that performs with coins or small objects needs to have in their magic armory.   Forget about...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Famous Friends - Mobile Phone Magic - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Famous Friends - Mobile Phone Magic - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Ever wanted to have a famous friend? someone who would phone you up in the middle of the pub so all your friends could hear. Ever wanted to use your Mobile Phone in an Amazing Magic TrickNow you can do both...Famous Friends combines a celebrity with a magic trick. You audience...
 $17.99  Buy Now
 Fandango - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Fandango - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
David Forrest's FANDANGO - Close up magic for the real world. Part 1. Part 1 in a series of releases containing all new material designed with the intent of providing real world close up magicians with fresh, practical material. Six brand new, never before published effects fresh from the mind...
 $15.99  Buy Now
    "The oririnal and EYE-POPPING"Sandwich" effect, both gaffed and non-gaffed...PLUS THE AMAZING 2009 UPDATES..."  Released in 1985, FANDANGO became a cornerstone for a variety of card "printing" and "sandwich" routines that would later be developed by the author. Here is the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT with ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHS teaching this INSTANT and HIGHLY VISUAL...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Fandango Part 2 by David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Fandango Part 2 by David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Part 2 in the ‘Fandango' series continues with yet more innovative close up magic with the focus firmly fixed on practicality and real world performance. Six more, never before published effects fresh from the mind of Dave Forrest. The material contained within has been carefully selected to ensure that the...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Faultless - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Faultless - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Faultless is the latest PDF offering from the creator of S.C-A.R-E.D andGatheRing. In the making for just under 5 years and kept underground for the past year. This is for the performer who wants to add pure emotion into his performance. With every aspect of the effect taken into consideration, FAULTLESS is...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Fifth Element - by Lee Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Fifth Element - by Lee Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   Thought of card to pocket Spectator is shown five cards and asked to think of any one of them. The five cards are placed one at a time into the spectators hand and he is challenged to trap his chosen card as soon as he sees it by placing his other...
 $7.99  Buy Now
 Final Wave - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Final Wave - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD The creator of 'Fingers of Fury' and 'Catch' brings you wave after wave of mind blowing card magic.  Wave OneA spectator selects a card, which is then returned to the deck. With a wave of the hand, the spectators card instantly turns face up in the deck!Wave TwoThe back of the selected card...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 FINK - Ben Harris - FREE EBOOK  FINK - Ben Harris - FREE EBOOK
  Here is a FREE PDF download courtesy of Ben for you all to enjoy   Fink is an interesting effect: a crazy concoction of Luke Dancy's GRAB, Ben Harris's Through the universe backwards, and Fandango. Created by Kyle MacNeill   
 $0.00  Buy Now
 Fire Coins - By Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Fire Coins - By Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD"Fire Coins is something I know I'll work up and perform - the audience sees elegant, elemental magic and it can be done close-up or in a parlor setting." - Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine"His method for producing real smoke from a previously empty hand is genius. The...
 $6.50  Buy Now
 First Aid Box and Queeker - By David Forrest - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD  First Aid Box and Queeker - By David Forrest - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  Learn TWO effects! Every move, every gaff, and every sleight is taught in full detail.   Cameron Francis' 'FIRST AID BOX' ...
 $8.99  Buy Now
 Flicker  - By Michael Paul - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Flicker - By Michael Paul - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  If you haven't seen or heard of Flicker previously, check out the video above. It's filled with real people, freaking out over an insanely visual piece of magic. No music, no flashy edits, no hype... just the real world reactions that YOU can get with this unique concept. ...Imagine a colour...
 $20.99  Buy Now
 For Your Consideration - By Brian Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  For Your Consideration - By Brian Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
"A splendid lecture which delves into the psychology of tricks and the thought behind them." - Central Connecticut Magicians' Association"Brian elevates our art to a very high standard." - Ken Maynard, S.A.M. Assembly 16"Very creative and informative." - C. Parker Swan III, Magic HistorianThe unexamined routine is not worth performing.Brian...
 $19.99  Buy Now
 Freezer Burn - By Chris Lafferty - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Freezer Burn - By Chris Lafferty - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 A collection of 5 truly workable effects introducing ice to magic.From changing fire to ice from the spectator's borrowed napkin in the feature effect, to dropping their folded up selection into a borrowed glass of water where a block of ice visibly and audibly freezes around it.Learn how to control...
 $13.99  Buy Now
 Friendly Fire  By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Friendly Fire By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Almost 30 effects, routines and flourishes from New Directions Magazine!All from an Amazing List of Contributors!What exciting times these were. The MASTERS like Marlo, Andrus, and Lorayne where at the top of their game and the NEW FACES like Sankey, Sanders and Harkey were just emerging. And, NEW DIRECTIONS captured a...
 $23.99  Buy Now
 Frier - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Frier - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
FRIER    by   Cameron Francis   An Ace assembly with an incredible twist!   Effect:   A card is selected by a spectator and kept face down on the table. We'll say this card is the Jack of Diamonds. The magician claims that this is a “magic...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 From Nothing - By Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  From Nothing - By Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOADAn apple visually materializes and can be handed out to keep. A Kevin Parker creation. See video for yourself. Spectator is given an empty bag after asked if he wants some fruit. He says "It's empty" but magician takes bag and puts his hands inside, saying, "the fruit...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Full - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Full - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Three self-working full deck effects  by Cameron Francis   "Awesome effects and highly recommended!" -- Donny Orbit   "(A) really great e-book!" -- Raphael Czaja   "Nothing But Trouble is no trouble at all. Lovely trick!" -- Paul Hallas   "FULL is right! FULL as in FULL of effects that...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Gaff Factory  - By Craig Matsuoka - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Gaff Factory - By Craig Matsuoka - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 A comprehensive dry-mounting tutorialMaking gaffed playing cards just got a whole lot easier! This new 80 page ebook introduces you to the wonders of dry mounting tissue (a.k.a. "DMT"). What's DMT? It's an adhesive that lets you make gaffs that look, feel, and snap like a normal card. If all...
 $22.50  Buy Now
 Gallerian Bend - Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Gallerian Bend - Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 The Gallerian Bend takes the concept of bending a spoon using just the power of your mind to a whole new level! It is a completely impromptu spoon bend that you will immediately add to your close-up repertoire!  Easy to perform without any set up and using just a regular...
 $20.99  Buy Now
 Games People Play - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Games People Play - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
By Iain Dunford"Games People Play" is yet another beautiful pagaent of ideas from Iain Dunford." - Sean Waters"The whole thing is a collection of excellent effects, with great plots, fantastic audience interaction and really strong results. It is wonderful." - Thom Bleasdale"Hangman is a timeless nostalgic throwback, conjuring up memories...
 $23.99  Buy Now
 George the Great - Mobile Phone Magic - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  George the Great - Mobile Phone Magic - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Imagine having your own personal magician on your mobile phone, a magician that will not only perform Magic, but will entertain anyone who watches him perform. His name is George. George has produced an amazing response to everyone we have shown him to, Its one of our most requested mobile...
 $16.99  Buy Now
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