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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 SYN - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  SYN - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Sweet Card - By Nefesch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Sweet Card - By Nefesch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD A sweet revelation of a selected card. The Magician offers a can of Coke to the spectator. The spectator selects a card and the magician explains to him that he found out that Coke tastes much better if you apply some sugar in it. The reaction of the...
 $12.99  Buy Now
 Super Flip - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Super Flip - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
The classic handling from 1985! No need to use flap cards, rubber hinges, or any gaffs! Use a borrowed deck. Imagine: You’ve just performed several stages in your “Ambitious Card” routine. For one final time you place the “magic card” in the middle of...
 $6.95  Buy Now
 Suggestabilities - By Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Suggestabilities - By Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Suggestabilities is a collection of three essays, each followed by an effect illustrating the principles explained.    Ericksonian Extracts is the first piece Dr. Bill Cushman ever published. It describes the impact of Milton Erickson on his own practices as a mentalist. Alphabody Language puts these Ericksonian...
 $24.99  Buy Now
 Submersion By Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Submersion By Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD    A Danny Case creation. You have to see this. Two cards are placed in the middle of the deck so they're sticking out in two different spots, away from one another. Suddenly, the cards are seen to slowly come together, passing right through the other cards in between...
 $20.99  Buy Now
 Subliminal Squares - By Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Subliminal Squares - By Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 This isn’t your grandpa’s magic square!   Dr. Bill originally released Subliminal Square as an alternative to the traditional instant magic square plot. Instead of the mentalist rapidly completing the square with a number provided by an audience member, using a Subliminal Square he rapidly implants a...
 $49.99  Buy Now
 Struck Dumb   By Fraser Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Struck Dumb By Fraser Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  The magician speaks a few words and touches someone instantly causing them to fall under their spell and not be able to speak, even when they are told to try and speak.           With this manuscript, create the illusion of hypnotic influence without the need for any actual trance or induction....
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Strength of Imagination - By Fraser Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Strength of Imagination - By Fraser Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  The wonder wizard speaks a few words and holds their hand over a normal deck of cards still in their box, held by themselves or placed on a table. These words and gesture cause the participant to temporarily not be able to lift the deck off of the hand of...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Stigmatisms - By Robert Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Stigmatisms - By Robert Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 "Very creative methods to accomplish very amazing effects!" David Blaine"Top shelf stuff, highly recommended!" Sean Fields"These are profound effects that will shake peoples reality."Garrett Thomas Stigmata is defined as marks resembling the wounds on the crucified body of Christ. Throughout history, accounts of this phenomenon have changed lives and inspired...
 $22.50  Buy Now
 Starman - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Starman - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 STARMAN (Stand Alone Version with Color Templates and FULL Performance Instructions)This is a stand-alone version from the book, RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP. Complete with full assembly instructions and FULL PEFORMANCE instructions. Simply print out the glorious COLOR templates to create your own STAR DECK.This effect DOES NOT require the use...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Star Divine - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Star Divine - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  The performer introduces a stack of business cards, each with a different celebrity's name written on the backside. The cards are dealt into two piles of five cards, a volunteer is then asked to select a pile, merely think of one of the celebrity's names, in mind only, and then...
 $12.99  Buy Now
 Stand Up Coin Magic - By Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Stand Up Coin Magic - By Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 A new film featuring coin effects designed to be performed for larger groups and better visibility. In this new film Kranzo gets away from the tired old coin effectperformed at waist level. Hold your coins high and come along for agreat ride. All the routines are performed standing. All theroutines...
 $28.50  Buy Now
 Splitting Atoms By A D Tritton - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Splitting Atoms By A D Tritton - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Have you ever wanted to move atoms with just your mind. Well now you can, with a little magic!  Your spectator will choose a card and place it on top of the deck. Then with just their mind, they will push the atoms through each other. When their card is...
 $12.99  Buy Now
 Spirit Level - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Spirit Level - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   You show five Alphabet cards which obviously spell the word L-E-V-E-L. You also show a white card with an perpendicular arrow drawn on one side, and a digonal arrow on the other. This, you say, is a home made spirit level. The way this card points can alter reality!The cards...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Spare Change - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Spare Change - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Visual transformations for the table worker   Erick Castle has been back to basics! Erick has taken fundamental concepts in magic and fused them together with his own unique style. Change a ring into a coin or some dice, bend a solid key, cause a ring to penetrate a sugar...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Something Else - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Something Else - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
SOMETHING ELSE   A collection of non-card routines by  Cameron Francis   "I need more non-card stuff," is a familiar refrain with most close up magicians. Well, it's Cameron Francis to the rescue as he presents 8 stunning routines with business ...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Solid Gold Easy Action - Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Solid Gold Easy Action - Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  This is one of Ben Harris's favorite effects. Released in 1987, it featured heavily in his lectures across the '87-89 period and was a total sell-out at the major magic conventions, or whenever demonstrated.In effect, a small envelope is shown, signed on BOTH sides by a spectator, and then left...
 $7.99  Buy Now
 Smoke Rings - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Smoke Rings - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Singled out by the legendary Paul Harris for inclusion on his 'True Astonishment' DVD set, SMOKE RINGS is a truly incredible impromptu miracle! "If I only had one playing card with which to do magic, this is the routine that I'd do, bar none." - David Forrest (from the introduction...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Smile - By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Smile - By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Ready? Smile! Create an amazing piece of magic with a borrowed cell phone and borrowed cards. Smile is a creation of Justin Miller's with inspiration from bSmith and Joel Paschall. A card is selected and lost in the deck. You find the wrong card and take a photo of the...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 SLINK -Linking Finger Rings- Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  SLINK -Linking Finger Rings- Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  “Originally published in 1992 becoming a best-seller!Use any Russian Wedding Band SLINK was first published in 1992 and supplied with a heavy silver ring-set. In 2001 it was re-published as a printed book. SLINK is a sleight of hand LINKING FINGER ROUTINE that is easily...
 $7.99  Buy Now
 Sleightly Askew - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Sleightly Askew - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Sleightly Askew: Seven Close Up Miracles  All of the magic contained in this ebook is practical, real world stuff that is GUARANTEED to fry your spectators!  SPACE AVAILABLE – A blank card prints the face of a signed selection  under impossible conditions!  HALFUSION – A one card fusion...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Sketchers - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Sketchers - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
SKETCHERS (NEW VERSION) by Cameron Francis   Cameron Francis strikes again with a workhorse of a packet trick! An astonishing three phase routine that packs a wallop and is incredibly easy to do! Effect:    The magician removes a small ...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Singapore Lecture - Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Singapore Lecture - Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 "Ben Harris' FIRST set of lecture notesfrom his FIRST EVER INTERNATIONAL LECTURE in 1985-re-written, re-photographed..." These notes have been re-written and re-photographed. The material is bright, crisp and hard-hitting. Mostly cards, including a wonderful multi-phase OIL AND WATER routine that's a joy to perform. PYRAMID CARDS is an easy and visual...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Simply Devastating - By Michael Paul - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Simply Devastating - By Michael Paul - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Simply Devastating is the e-book that will change the way you look at magic! Over thirty pages of hard hitting magic, comlete with embedded video to make learning easier. Also included is a special bonus chapter on the Invisible Deck, and a completely seperate pdf file featuring a one on...
 $25.99  Buy Now
 Silhouette - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Silhouette - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Give your spectators the opportunity to create life.  It's one thing for a mentalist to read a spectator, there are techniques for age estimation and cold reading that are often used to explain traits of their personalities. This is not a demonstration of cold reading. This is a demonstration of sheer...
 $10.99  Buy Now
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