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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 Passing Thru - Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Passing Thru - Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
      Visually push a real coin through the bottom of a real glass bottle, leaving it inside. They watch it melt through the bottle's bottom, leaving your hand and falling into the bottle. They don't see it just 'appear' in the bottle, they watch it melt through. The bottle is...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Pariah - By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Pariah - By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Pariah is another great release from Daniel Madison. Pariah details three different devices you can make to gain knowledge of a card or word, even make the spectator's signed card vanish from the deck and reappear elsewhere, in another pocket, in your mouth, or even your shoe!TECHNICAL INFORMATIONTYPE: PDF ebook...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Paranoid 3 - By Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Paranoid 3 - By Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 The effects inside this ebook are some of the most bold effects I have ever created and not for the meek, or magicians not willing to take risks. It is from these effects that I have discovered boundaries that can be pushed and broken.For nearly 10 years I have been...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Paranoid 2 - By Russ Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Paranoid 2 - By Russ Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Paranoid 2 is the latest release from Russ Andrews. Hot off the heals of his massively popular first release Paranoid, Paranoid 2 starts where the other left off with more amazing yet easy to do effects that really pack a punch, imagine your spectator’s surprise when you dump a card...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Paranoid - by Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Paranoid - by Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Paranoid is a collection of some of Rus Andrews latest creations that he has been  performing in bars and nightclubs across the uk. "Why PARANOID? Some of the effects included may seem quite bold but it is from the buzz you get from being bold that these effects were...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 One Minute Magic Business - Sean Heydon - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  One Minute Magic Business - Sean Heydon - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   One of the most common questions customers ask at our magic shop is " How do I take the next step from performing magic for family and friends, to performing for the public and turning my hobby into a profitable career?"        Well, behind every great magician is a well stocked...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 ONE - By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  ONE - By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
       The debut lecture notes from Daniel Madison.  In 2005 Daniel held a private and invite-only lecture called ONE held at a secret location at the Blackpool convention, it was the success of this lecture that launched Daniel into the underground magic scene as a leading underground artist.   The 45-minute lecture...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Oil and Water Delux By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Oil and Water Delux By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
     "A fully illustrated and fleshed outhandling - the real work-originally apearing in the Singapore Notes in brief form..."     This effect appears described briefly, yet adequately, in the SINGAPORE LECTURE NOTES. This is a more thorough description and is accompanied by clear photographs, making it EASIER to learn.The routine uses four black...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 OCL One Card Link - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  OCL One Card Link - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD     Many have tried to achieve the ultimate in linking cards but none have succeeded... until now! 'Good work man! It's the cleanest card link I've ever seen! Just practicing it now!' Daniel Madison - Visual artist and creator of Wrath 'To be honest you’ve taken this...
 $20.99  Buy Now
 Obscurities - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Obscurities - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  This new e-book is a collection of tricks that Peter Duffie published in various magazines and in books published by others. Now collected for the first time. These are not in any of his books or ebooks. From the pages of: Linking Ring, Abracadabra, Griffin, Arcane, Magic magazine and other sources.Over 40...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Nexus - Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Nexus - Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   Borrow a keychain, a ring, and visually link the ring onto the keychain. You know how long and how much work it takes to hook a key onto a keyring. But somehow, mysteriously, the magician merely touches a borrowed ring to a borrowed keyring and it is on it. This...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Nexus - By Martin Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Nexus - By Martin Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 MAGIC AND MINDREADING FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX Emotional: Imagine an effect which gives you an opportunity to give a 100% accurate reading on your spectator. The spectator asked to think one of the seven emotional words. The performer give a highly accurate reading on the spectator and as a bonus the performer...
 $19.50  Buy Now
 INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD        A brand new totally impromptu newspaper test from the twisted mind that is Nefesch.No gaffs, no gimmicks - EVERYTHING is borrowed. Any paper or magazine, any page, the concept could be applied to many different effects.As far as the spectator is concerned, YOU JUST KNOW.This is Newz. All...
 $19.50  Buy Now
 Nevermind By Mat L'Anoire - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Nevermind By Mat L'Anoire - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
"Nevermind is a refreshing treat. 'Scribble' is wild!" Ben Harris ...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 My Balloon - By John Rivav - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  My Balloon - By John Rivav - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
John Rivav, creator of Burning Angel has created another stunning close up illusion. This is a great off the wall routine full of fun and impossibility! My Balloon is also as perfect for stage work as it is close up.The performer begins by showing a yellow 9" silk. The spectator is then asked...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Murder Mystery - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Murder Mystery - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   This is a high quality, audience tested full routine directly from a working performers magic and mindreading act.  Christopher Thronebury has taken a Ted Anneman classic and developed it into a magic routine that he repeatedly uses to close his show six nights a week and will fry the minds...
 $20.50  Buy Now
 Moving Suntan - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Moving Suntan - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Can YOU move YOUR tan line?Want to do something that NO ONE has ever seen close up before?Look no further - Bande Du Soleil by Nathan W. Kranzo. Imagine this......You take off your watch to show an embarrassing tan line.Wishing that you could make it disappear, you grab it with your...
 $19.50  Buy Now
 Move-Ink - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Move-Ink - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
MOVE-INK   An incredible signed card to card case effect! by Cameron Francis     "GREAT routine!" -- Stephen Tucker   "Brilliant!  I am glad you also sent the PDF explanation, as it was needed!  Move-ink is choreographed like a mini illusion making it into...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Moments Notice 4 - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Moments Notice 4 - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
MOMENT'S NOTICE 4 by Cameron Francis "Cameron has done it again! His Moment's Notice series just goes from strength to strength. All six routines in this latest (fourth) installment are carefully structured and each one packs a punch." -- Peter Duffie"With all of the material in the Moment's Notice series I...
 $12.99  Buy Now
 Moments Notice 3 - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Moments Notice 3 - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
MOMENT'S NOTICE 3   by Cameron Francis     Six more impromptu miracles from Cameron Francis that are guaranteed to amaze. All impromptu. Use any deck. No set ups. No kidding!      Sympathy – The four Queens twist and collect in the cleanest manner...
 $12.99  Buy Now
 Moments Notice 2 - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Moments Notice 2 - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
"Moment's Notice contained a superb collection of impromptu card effects. In this second volume, Cameron has done it again ... in fact, this second volume might even be better than the first, if that is at all possible!" -- Peter Duffie"This is the kind of material I like, not the difficult to...
 $12.99  Buy Now
 Moments Notice - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Moments Notice - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
MOMENT'S NOTICE   Five Impromptu Card Effects    by    Cameron Francis     Cameron Francis presents five devastating, completely impromptu card effects that you WILL add to your repertoire right away! This is commercial, easy card magic at its best. No set-ups and no extra props....
 $12.99  Buy Now
 Mixed Perceptions - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Mixed Perceptions - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Mixed Perception is a VERY cool, clever and easy to perform little packet effect, I'm sure this man is an alien!! - Ben Williams   Cameron Francis presents an incredible, practically self-working, small packet variation of Dai Vernon's classic effect, “Triumph”.   Effect:   ...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Mitox - The Falsely Spoken Word - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Mitox - The Falsely Spoken Word - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
When you perform mentalism do your audience believe it’s real? Acclaimed Mentalist Phill Smith describes Mitox:For me performing mentalism is about giving people a window into a world where the things that I do are possible. Imagine how your audience will respond when they are faced with a person, not...
 $39.99  Buy Now
 Mirabill - By Dr Bill - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Mirabill - By Dr Bill - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Now, one of the mentalism’s greatest “self-working” effects has been simplified to the point where it really is self-working ! One early reviewer referred to Mirabill as “Miraskill minus the skill.” “He told me to bring a deck of cards and we’d play a friendly game. Never...
 $14.99  Buy Now
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