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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 Starman - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Starman - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 STARMAN (Stand Alone Version with Color Templates and FULL Performance Instructions)This is a stand-alone version from the book, RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP. Complete with full assembly instructions and FULL PEFORMANCE instructions. Simply print out the glorious COLOR templates to create your own STAR DECK.This effect DOES NOT require the use...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Tap Out - by Jeremy Hanrahan - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Tap Out - by Jeremy Hanrahan - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   From creator/magician Jeremy Hanrahan comes a visually pleasing Sandwich effect called Tap Out!  This routine will have the selected card jump from a face down out jogged position to between the jokers in the blink of an eye! Then the effect is repeated with the selection...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Telephone Bill - Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Telephone Bill - Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Take a bit of “Miraskill,” a twist each of Mirabill and “A View To A Skill” and mix with “Minimal Miraskill.” Between Stewart James, Herb Zarrow, John Bannon and Dr. Bill, you will have one of the strongest effects possible to perform over the telephone.The good doctor had been seeking...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 The Counts Count - By Stefan Olschewski - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  The Counts Count - By Stefan Olschewski - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Do you have the perfect brain? Now you do! Just take out a deck of cards and a pen. Let them shuffle the cards. Then have them call out random digits and proceed to write them on the backs of the cards until you have marked about...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 The SpyCycle Deck - By David Kemsley - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  The SpyCycle Deck - By David Kemsley - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 TURN A REGULAR DECK OF CARDS INTO A PRACTICAL UTILITY DEVICE FOR ANY MAGICIAN It's most simple and direct routine: The magician turns away and a spectator freely selected a card and returns it to the centre of a deck of cards. The magician then focuses on the deck and names the card!  No...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Tornation - By Nicholas Uusitalo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Tornation - By Nicholas Uusitalo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
The torn and restored card - You will slowly rip a playing card that the spectator has chosen and signed, into four pieces. Then, right in front of their eyes, one piece at a time, you will magically restore the whole playing card.Tornation includes several variations and presentations. "I wanted to make the torn...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Tri-Fold - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Tri-Fold - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  This book contains routines that utilize the secret folding of a card in some way. Nathan was inspired by the likes of Fred Kaps, Matt Schulien, Tommy Wonder and the list goes on. Kaps having helped popularized the classic "card in matchbox" by Bruno Hennig with advancements by Scotty York, Jamy...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Trinity By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Trinity By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  3 regular coins visually and audibly pass thru the table to land into a waiting glass bowl...with a unexpected kicker at the end that has fooled every magician that has seen it. Trinity requires a special item that most of you already have. If you don't have it...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Ultimate Phone Prediction - Matthew J Dowden - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Ultimate Phone Prediction - Matthew J Dowden - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Telephone PredictionWith Matthew J. Dowden and RSVP MagicAny Card, the magician never touches them and yet someone on the other side of the world tells them where their card is from the top of the deck...  Simply amazing... A REPUTATION MAKER.Just take a moment to click of...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 Window Peek - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Window Peek - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 This is one of the most cunning business card (peeks) we've come across in a long time!  Is this gimmicked or impromptu? No, this is completely impromptu' and can be performed anytime and anywhere.  Can the spectator write or draw anywhere?Yes, this is a full business card peek anything can be written...
 $9.99  Buy Now
 RhymeTime Sublime - By Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  RhymeTime Sublime - By Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Genesis: In the beginning there was Mick Ayres' award winning RhymeTime. In 2002, Mick Ayre’s won a Linking Ring Award for Mentalism from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his effect RhymeTime: 'You openly display a list of common words. A guest is asked to mentally...
 $10.00  Buy Now
 Bands of Gold - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Bands of Gold - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   "Ben's Band Book is some of the best band and card magic ever.Some could be plucked out and used as single trick downloads. Highly recommended." ***** 5/5 Stars - Jamie Daws"    The opening trick in this gorgeous book is just cool. A mini bet in which 2 bands are shown around...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 Double Decker by David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Double Decker by David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
'Double Decker' is a trick booklet describing the construction of a gimmicked deck and card case which will allow you to produce two decks of cards from a single card box! The possibilities are endless with 'Double Decker' and the manuscript will provide a couple of routines to get you...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 Elastic Thread Routines - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Elastic Thread Routines - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 The original work on elastic thread magic,first published in 1989.All the pro tips you need, along with 6 full routinesto start performing right now!   You see so much information published about "Elastic Thread Magic" today-you'd think it all "brand new". Alas, such is not the case. If you look hard, you'll...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 Epic Flight - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Epic Flight - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
The odd scientific principle discovered by Harris in 1980makes this amazing coin transposition possible!Two coins are displayed. One is marked with a large cross and a spectator confirms that the cross will not rub off the coin. In full view, the marked coin and the plain coin transpose THROUGH THE...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 T.A.G is an awesome device I discovered not to long ago. Imagine having a device that could advertise your number, e-mail, web site and anything else while you're performing. Imagine a device that is so small, it can hang around your neck and look sleek and cool. Imagine a device...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 The Ends - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  The Ends - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   Nine fully explained routines straight out of the working repertoire of Nathan Kranzo.     The Big PushThe cards move so fast that they loose their color.....with a very cool surprise ending. Check PleaseA check turns into cold hard cash. Fire and money. What more can you ask for? Cap Pocket or #@%$#...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 Turbulence  - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Turbulence - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  From the Fertile & Devious Minds of Cameron Francis & Peter Duffie Comes .. Turbulence! In Turbulence, the impossible becomes possible.Turbulence is a multi-phase card routine that is both mind-bending and entertaining."Turbulence is one beautiful fooling routine. It borders on the impossible. It is so good that I have added...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 Whats in a Name - By Stefan Olschewski - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Whats in a Name - By Stefan Olschewski - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  A spectator (freely!) selects a playing card as her lucky card and is also asked for the initials of her first love (no force!). The initials are written on a piece of paper and the lucky card is signed by the lady. The paper is placed...
 $10.50  Buy Now
 23:23  By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  23:23 By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
23:23 is a collection of my latest works, the routines you will find within teach some truly essential methods and moves, the ideal introduction to mentalism, while at the same time adding new thoughts and layers to any seasoned mentalist's arsenal.Includes version one of Altered - The highly anticipated coin...
 $10.99  Buy Now
 Cinders - Incineration & Restoration - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Cinders - Incineration & Restoration - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
By Dee Christopher "The idea rocks, Clean, Simple, Effective and most of all baffling." (Daniel Madison) A completely impromptu twist on the common tear and restore plot. A card is selected and signed from a regular or borrowed deck. The card is held at finger tips and a lighter is introduced....
 $10.99  Buy Now
 Silhouette - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Silhouette - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Give your spectators the opportunity to create life.  It's one thing for a mentalist to read a spectator, there are techniques for age estimation and cold reading that are often used to explain traits of their personalities. This is not a demonstration of cold reading. This is a demonstration of sheer...
 $10.99  Buy Now
 Turnover Bend by Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Turnover Bend by Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  We give you the Turnover Bend! An amazing impromptu technique. This tool will allow you to slam a perfect bend into a regular spoon or borrowed fork right in front of their eyes. Mr Christopher has been tuning this essential technique for years and uses this bend constantly. You...
 $10.99  Buy Now
 Whats in a Name - By Paul Leach - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Whats in a Name - By Paul Leach - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 A mobile phone and a folded piece of paper are in full view from the outset of the trick.  A card is freely selected by a spectator, remembered and returned to the deck. With no false moves the deck is immediately put into the card case and then into the...
 $10.99  Buy Now
 18 - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  18 - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
18 by  Cameron Francis A killer piece of mentalism! Completely self working! Completely practical! Completely mind-blowing! Effect:   A deck of cards is removed from its case and shuffled. The magician spreads the deck face up and asks a spectator to touch any card. All of...
 $11.50  Buy Now
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