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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 Thru Line - By Robert Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Thru Line - By Robert Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 A deceptive multi phase card effect where a signed card changes into there chosen card!  Featuring bSmith's  wickedly deceptive 5IVE-ONE control! A great effect to add to your repertoire, taught in full by bSmith.
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Thunder Struck - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Thunder Struck - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 A card is selected, signed and lost back into the deck. Taking only the 4 Jacks (deck discarded), you perform the cleanest of  Twisting routines - with the Jacks reversing one by one with no false counts. The black Jacks are now placed into the card case - there is...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 A strange printing effect  Cameron Francis brings you a twisted packet trick that will blow your spectators away!  Effect: The magician displays a packet of six Jokers and asks the spectators if they have ever heard of marked cards.  Assuming they reply in the affirmative, the magician continues, “Well,...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Unfathomable - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Unfathomable - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
"Unfathomable is an absolute killer! Rock on, Cameron. Rock on!" -- Jamie Daws   An incredible, super easy, completely examinable prediction effect that fits in your wallet!    Effect:   The magician removes a packet of playing cards and two face down business cards. He shows the playing ...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Zoom By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Zoom By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 "The construction of the card is ingenious..."- Michael Close (MAGIC Magazine)  The famous and easy animated card that mysteriously moves AWAY from your fingers-zooming across the table. Examinable, before, during and after. One of the most devious uses of Elastic Thread ever created. This effect is one of Ben Harris' most...
 $11.50  Buy Now
 Card Trail - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Card Trail - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
    "Five terrific routines and a great full deck false cut plus video demos of them all... what more could you want?" -- Stephen Tucker "Providence is my new favorite sandwich trick!" -- Raphael Czaja "Cameron's best Ebook yet!" -- Kyle MacNeill "I have most of Cameron's...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Route 01 - David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Route 01 - David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   David Forrest's 'ROUTE 1' Any Card at Any Number!       At the beginning of your card set you display a blue backed deck and place it into your pocket for later. You then remove a red deck and blow everyone away with all your hottest stuff. Just before you end you suggest...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Second Guest - by David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Second Guest - by David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 "I designed The Second Guest to be a practical, direct method of divining of a spectator's completely free selection from a genuinely shuffled, completely un-gimmicked deck of cards that could be performed virtually anywhere with no prior set up. To that extent, I think I succeeded."– David Forrest (from the...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 Trap-Ease - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Trap-Ease - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 The brand new, ultra visual, highly impossible yet super easy sandwich effect!A pair of cards is removed from the deck, let's say the Jokers for example. A card is freely selected and signed across the face before being lost back into the deck. The two Jokers are shown front and...
 $11.99  Buy Now
 51 For Two By David Gemmell - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  51 For Two By David Gemmell - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Paul Curry conceived the idea for this effect sometime in the 1940's. There was NOworkable method for achieving the effect.       A prediction is made known to all (open....) and a spectator deals through a deck of cards studfashion. At some point in the deal, one card is dealt face down either...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 What will you do if someone suddenly asks you to read their mind when you are totally unprepared? Just look out for any book on the shelf and you're set to go.Why a book? Because you can easily find them everywhere: on the street, at school, in the restaurant, at...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Anti Tarot Mentalism - By S J Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Anti Tarot Mentalism - By S J Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
    This effect is entitled Anti Tarot for two reasons. Firstly, it dispenses with tarot cards, using playing cards instead; secondly, the most important card in the reading is never seen by the reader. Instead of reading the cards and telling the spectator what should happen to them, the reader hears...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Encore! - Kyle Peron - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Encore! - Kyle Peron - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Robert Houdin once said," A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician."  If this is true, then what character are you playing on stage and how are you playing it? To be an entertainer one must learn to be and think creatively. This 21 page lecture note E-Book...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Exhibit A - By Simon Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Exhibit A - By Simon Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 In this effect you tell a story with help from some spectators. All the important details are given to you by them and you have no control over what they say. Despite this, these details appear inside a book of matches, inside your pocket. And a card, crucial to story,...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Hoodwink - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Hoodwink - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   "I highly recommend this to all of you who areinterested in learning a devilishly cleverapproach to TORN & RESTORED CARD"- Danny Orleans (Genii Magazine)    HOODWINK is based on the author's own effect, "Prime Hole Card" from 1983. It became a best-seller when re-released in 1999. Everyone was concentrating so hard on...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Light and Easy By Nefesch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Light and Easy By Nefesch - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 You will learn two effects, one of them is my CAN effect in which I make a volunteer lose  weight, they can feel it, they can feel themselves becoming lighter and lighter till they weigh less than a feather, you can prove to the audience that your spectator has indeed...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Nevermind By Mat L'Anoire - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Nevermind By Mat L'Anoire - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
"Nevermind is a refreshing treat. 'Scribble' is wild!" Ben Harris ...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Shhh - Tarot mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Shhh - Tarot mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 This magic trick looks just like a real tarot card reading.   This is not the usual 'magic trick' presentation. It Shhh has the feel and look of the real thing. To your spectator, there can simply be no way that you, the reader, could possibly know what what they have...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Shipwrecked - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Shipwrecked - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Howdy good sir!  Why are you here?Oh don't tell me, Are you?   Oh goodness!The group seems to be growing bigger. Who would imagine! All of us, being ShipWrecked here together! Well, I suppose we had better keep ourselves busy! I see you have a few things on you.... A deck...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Singapore Lecture - Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Singapore Lecture - Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 "Ben Harris' FIRST set of lecture notesfrom his FIRST EVER INTERNATIONAL LECTURE in 1985-re-written, re-photographed..." These notes have been re-written and re-photographed. The material is bright, crisp and hard-hitting. Mostly cards, including a wonderful multi-phase OIL AND WATER routine that's a joy to perform. PYRAMID CARDS is an easy and visual...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Tarot Psych Mentalism - By Simon Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Tarot Psych Mentalism - By Simon Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Tarot Psych is an easy to perform tarot baffler. A spectator takes 7 tarot cards from any deck of your choice. Each card represents a day of the week. The spectator thinks something she plans to do in the next seven days and writes it on the card that corresponds...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 The James Brown ebook - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  The James Brown ebook - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
       "James Brown does the material we all wish we had the nerve to do. Misdirection and spectator management are the real secrets to his work and he is an expert at both."  Peter Wardell          INTRODUCTION 'I thought it might be appropriate...
 $12.50  Buy Now
 Catch - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Catch - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 What could be more nerve racking than pointing a gun at a performers head and pulling the trigger only to find the performer catches the bullet between his teeth? Read that line again, between his teeth. Now lets's take it a step further and have the bullet signed so there is...
 $12.99  Buy Now
By Christo Nicolle  A practical, stunning little effect. I can see including Color-Ring in my walk-around and stage openers. - N Barker  "This should be well received. I had a few thoughts as I was reading this, but you "read my mind" as they were all covered by you in...
 $12.99  Buy Now
 Divide and Conjure - By Andrew Loh - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Divide and Conjure - By Andrew Loh - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
   Spectator Cuts the Aces with a truly different twist. It's very easy to do and highly entertaining.... The four kings magically assemble to a single pile only to transform into four separate spectator selections!        This is an excellent trick! One of your best yet!Peter Duffie  I like "Divide & Conjure" very...
 $12.99  Buy Now
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