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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
02. Liquid Money - Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $12.99
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 Ashes - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Ashes - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Foreword by leading card cheat and deceptions expert Daniel Madison. The Ashes concept is a combination of versatile gimmicks that take up next to no pocket space and make some phenomenally impressive feats incredibly easy. This is something that's been underwraps for some time. Something...
 $14.99  Buy Now
 Ionic and Applications - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Ionic and Applications - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  A COMPELLING FORCING PROCEDURE & APPLICATIONS THEREOF IONIC is a ranging force, applied with the fingers, in order to arrive at an apparently random (or unknown number). Such forces—performed on the fingers—have been used for decades. Karrel Fox and Max Maven are both famous for their applications of the approach....
 $14.99  Buy Now
 Liebrary - By J Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Liebrary - By J Prager - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 This is an ebook test. Yes, not a book test done with actual paper copies, but rather a book test done with ebooks, PDF ebooks that is. The advantage here is that you can perform it wherever you have your smartphone, tablet or iPad with you.  Effect:...
 $14.99  Buy Now
 Mirabill - By Dr Bill - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Mirabill - By Dr Bill - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Now, one of the mentalism’s greatest “self-working” effects has been simplified to the point where it really is self-working ! One early reviewer referred to Mirabill as “Miraskill minus the skill.” “He told me to bring a deck of cards and we’d play a friendly game. Never...
 $14.99  Buy Now
 Void by Kevin Schaller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Void by Kevin Schaller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  Early in 2011 Kevin Schaller released a DVD called "Void“. This DVD was produced in German only. Because of the positive responce he has decided to take his favourite routines of the DVD and write them down for you. Kevin has improved and added new thoughts to the routines and...
 $14.99  Buy Now
 PSI Poker - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  PSI Poker - By Ben Harris - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
PSI-POKER by Ben Harris   PSI-POKER is the latest creation from Ben Harris (co-creator of 2010’s hit “X-RAY”). This new effect is TOTALLY SELF-WORKING, requiring no skill or gaffs. The secret is ancient, but it’s NEVER been used in this manner before. Magic’s leading historians...
 $15.00  Buy Now
 AIR - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  AIR - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
     Being a huge fan of the classic 'rising card' effect, Dave asked himself the following question: Is it possible to cause a freely selected...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Alone - By Ben Prime - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Alone - By Ben Prime - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
         THE CARD TECHNIQUE OF BEN PRIME        Trans A stunning super direct transposition effect. A card is chosen and placed back on the top of the deck. The deck is then cut to a random card which is turned face up and the deck closed. When the deck is spread, it is...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Alpha-Doodle Clipboard - By Kit Felgate - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Alpha-Doodle Clipboard - By Kit Felgate - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 ‘I've spent a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect ‘impression clipboard'. The majority I've been disappointed with. This is probably due to the fact that I'm a perfectionist and I tend to be very picky about the type of gaffs I use. Due to pure frustration...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Area 52 - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Area 52 - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 The card magic THEY don't want you to know!CONTENTS & EFFECTS DECK DISCERPTION: Two cards are selected and returned. First, the deck splits into reds and blacks. Then the red selection is found reversed in the centre of the red cards. And, the black selection....oops, both selections were red? No...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Autobahn - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Autobahn - By David Forrest - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 What if you could perform the classic ACAN effect while you were STROLLING or HOPPING TABLES and succeed every single time without fail? What if the method was simple, surefire and took up no more pocket space than a single deck of cards? What if this powerhouse effect could be...
 $15.99  Buy Now
   Who else needs more real world magic to add to their armory? A PRACTICAL IMPROMPTU RUBBER BAND TRICK ANYONE CAN DO!     You just use a rubber band and a playing card. Right in front of their eyes, at the fingertips, the folded card melts through the band and becomes locked inside the...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Blood - 2nd Edition By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Blood - 2nd Edition By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
      LEARN HOW TO MARK YOUR CARDS WITH A PROFESSIONAL CARD CHEATING SYSTEMBicycle Rider Back | Bicycle League Back | Tally-Ho Fan Back |Tally-Ho Circle Back+ The first ever marking system for the David Blaine Split Spade LionsBLOOD is a system for applying secret markings to the back of playing cards...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Bullet - By James Prince - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Bullet - By James Prince - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 ''One of the staple effects I perform is 'Card on Ceiling', but whilst a fantastic effect, it has the major drawback that it lacks impact in a room with a low ceiling. The effect is less impressive and worse still someone would inevitably peel the card off the ceiling and ruin the...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Burn - By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Burn - By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Daniel Madison - Burn (Trailer) from Daniel MadisonBurn is a 44 page book that explores ideas of the performer physically affecting playing cards in many different ways through the medium of heat/fire/voodoo... for example, the magician causes an image of a spectators chosen card to appear burnt onto another playing...
 $15.99  Buy Now
By John-Webb CarterThis effect is VERY powerful for spectators to experience. It's THEIR borrowed and signed coin! It's THEIR selected and signed card! It happens RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES!Effect:On the table is a deck of cards, a coin, a pen and a knife. The magician asks one of...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Card Addict - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Card Addict - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 21 SUPERB CARD ROUTINESTO FEED YOUR HABIT!CONTENTS & EFFECTS KICK-START ACES: A spectator locates the four Aces in your deck (without looking!). SWEET SIXTEEN: You show the four Fours which you point out total 16. You turn one face up. The face up four splits into two Twos. This leaves...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Card Flair - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Card Flair - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 17HIGH QUALITY CARD ROUTINESFROM PETER DUFFIEFREE AS A BIRD: This effect is a two card discovery that I find quite effective. It uses the Hamilton/Finnell Free Cut Principle - a visual deception of the highest order. WEDLUCK: The trick that follows is a simple, yet effective, royal marriages effect using...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Card Insight - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Card Insight - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Finally every card addict can reach 'Insight' with 21 high strength card magic therapies on the couch of Peter DuffieYour Perscription:FIRST EXPERIMENT: A spectator merely thinks of any card in a packet. He then answers a series of questions about his card - colour - suit - etc. In the end his card...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Card School - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Card School - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 PAY ATTENTION CLASS!TODAYS LESSION IS 17 ESSENTIAL CARD EFFECTS & TECHNIQUES FROM YOUR HEADMASTERPETER DUFFIE! ILLUSION Versus REALITY: This is a direct and magical production of the four Aces, with two of the Aces seemingly appearing in the hands of a spectator.THREESIGHT: A simple, but effective, prediction using the Gilbreath Principle.IN PLACE:...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Cardio - By Liam Montier - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Cardio - By Liam Montier - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
      "Liam Montier`s `Cardio` is an absolute must buy. Very clever card routining with a fresh innovative approach. Magic with intellect and a darn good read". - George McBride   Cardio is Liam’s first full-out collection of regular card material, and it features seven pieces that fully represent his approach to card magic.  This is...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Cards By All Means - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Cards By All Means - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 Peter Duffie teaches 16 strong card magic effects    CONTENTS & EFFECTSBlack Sheep: Two spectators each select cards from a packet, then you select one, but you leave your selection face up as proof of your actions. You spread the packet and remove your card along with the two cards on ether side....
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Cards Unlocked - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Cards Unlocked - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 65 page E-book20 Card Miracles! A Prediction with Business Cards!Plus two Stacked Decks!CONTENTS CRYSTAL CLEAR TRANSPO  The classic transposition between two cards placed on the top and bottom of a glass. No duplicate cards are used.  A ROYAL ENIGMA  Based on "The Vernon Card Puzzle" in Early Vernon (1962). It was...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Cherry Cola Queen - By Liam Montier - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Cherry Cola Queen - By Liam Montier - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
  'These are some of the best in my library. Not only do they utilize all sorts of different props, but the thinking behind most of the effects is diabolical.' - Donny Orbit'..really good tricks, ideas and concepts. So many possibilities. - Cameron Francis  Liam Montier one of the most creative magicians that...
 $15.99  Buy Now
 Clipped - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD  Clipped - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
 INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD      You show a folded up card held in a bulldog clip.  A card is selected and signed by the spectator then lost in the deck. The card inside the bulldog clip is found to be the spectators signed card!   MORE PRACTICAL REAL WORLD MAGIC FROM ALAN RORRISION  Clipped is one...
 $15.99  Buy Now
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