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Print a Card - Mobile Phone Magic - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Created by Interactive Illusions (Magic Digitally Re-Mastered) and EXCLUSIVE to The Merchant of Magic

Mobile Phone Magic

You are in the middle of a Card Trick, but instead of finding their card in your normal magic way you get the spectator to use the power of their mind to make their chosen card visually appear on your mobile phone screen?

Sounds good, I hear you say, it gets better....

You hold up your mobile phone so that the screen is in view and start to play a short Video Clip. This clip contains a normal looking person who is casually walking towards the camera they stop and slowly raises they arm to chest level. They look like they should be holding something, but the space is empty.

You now ask the spectator to visualize their chosen card on the mobile phones screen.

Once they have concentrated on the space for a few seconds their chosen card starts to materialize. As long as they keep concentrating the complete chosen card will appear fully between the hands of the character

Screen Shot

It keeps geting better...!

Suddenly the screen loads up a message saying. ‘To Print Card Press Enter’.

As soon as you press your Enter button on your mobile phone the screen changes to show the original screen shot of your assistant holding the chosen card but this time the screen has the words ‘Printing Please Wait’ whilst this is happening, the chosen card actually starts printing from the TOP of your mobile phone.

The Card appears to print from the phone

At the exact same time the words on the screen change to say ‘Printing Completed’ the card slowly vanishes from their hands leaving the just an empty space as it was before the card appeared.

Finally your screen loads up a final message saying

‘Thank You. Please take your card’

The best bit is at the end when you remove the freshly printed card and hand it to them as a souvenir. They are so amazed by what has just happened they spend the rest the night showing people the card which you have just printed using your mobile phone.

It is also possible to have your business card details on the back of the printed card!

Screen Shot 2

What is included?

You don’t just get 1 trick but 5. Yes 5. This means if they ask for you to show them another one (and they will) you will have many more to choose from.

You will receive:

5 different Video Clips with sound effects Including

1 which uses a real person and 4 which use all new, all trendy, Cyber Magicians. With unbelievable special effects and amazing sound effects.

Print a Card includes detailed instructions and additional bonus files for use with the effect.

Comes with 2 formats MP4 and 3G2 which are formats supported by most modern Mobile Phones.

(3G video files are smaller but are not as high quality as MP4 video)

Other formats are also available on request for a small additional charge (MP4 Ipod, AVI, WMV, VCD, DVD)

So you can perform this amazing magic trick on your IPOD, PSP, PDA, Pocket PC, Smart-phone, DVD Player.



A Mobile Phone which can play MPEG4 or 3G VIDEO Clips
For MPEG Video clips 900kb of Space (0.9 MB)
For 3G Video clips 280kb of space (0.3MB)
A Suitable PC File Manager (Your standard mobile phone software should befine) to tranfers the files from your PC onto your Mobile Phone

These files and full instructions are available to you instantly for download to your PC or Mac

Most modern mobile phones will be able to adhere to the above conditions. If you not sure please contact your phones manufacture who will be able to help you.

It has been tested on Nokia, Sony Erriscon, Samsung Phones all Phones tested were able to receive files in this way. BUT If you not sure please contact your phones manufacture who will be able to help you.

Screen Shot 3

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