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OCL One Card Link - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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  Many have tried to achieve the ultimate in linking cards but none have succeeded... until now!

'Good work man! It's the cleanest card link I've ever seen! Just practicing it now!' Daniel Madison - Visual artist and creator of Wrath

'To be honest you’ve taken this to a new level…' Alan Rorrison - Creator of Night and Day and Sigilum Diaboli

'Bloody Brilliant' - James Brown - Close Up Magician of the Year 2006 The Magic Circle  

'The effect is amazing and the fact that the result is examinable makes a memorable souvenir for them to keep and think about it for a long time after you perform it for them.' - Titanas Creator of Twist and Fade

'Very nice Ben, you are a master at these ideas' - Vinny Marini  The Godfather of Magic

"Ben, your OCL is truly the ultimate in linking card effects - Being able to hand out the cards at the end is what really does it for me. It blows everything else out of the water!" - Dee Christopher – Creator of Shudder and Cinders

'This is an excellent solution to the ever-elusive examinable linking card problem! Ben is a great thinker and this is no exception. OCL is an excellent effect' - Cameron Francis - Creator of Fresh Mint


What is O.C.L. ?

O.C.L. is the ultimate in linking cards, it stands for One Card Link.

O.C.L. is the world's first release that teaches how to tear two cardboard rings from a single playing card, have them each signed and then linked together, FOREVER!

Forget the Anniversary Waltz! This is the new 'must-perform' routine for couples.



O.C.L. Effect

You have a card selected and tear two cardboard ‘rings' from it. Both of the rings are then signed by the spectator - they are unbroken - completely in tact! You take both rings and place them into the spectator's hand. After a few moments concentration the spectator examines the rings only to find out that they are IMPOSSIBLY LINKED TOGETHER! The rings may now be examined - the spectator can keep them as a souvenir and will never be able to unravel the secret of how they became linked!

Ben Williams OCL

On this incredible instant video download, Ben will take you step by step through the process of creating this stunning moment of magic. From start to finish, everything you need to know is covered in great detail and the DVD also includes 6 AMAZING BONUS IDEAS using the O.C.L. concept.


What are you waiting for? Give your next spectators a healthy dose of the impossible with Ben Williams' - O.C.L !




Is performing OCL hard?


No, the actual routine is amazingly simple to perform, not only that but the extra routines are also simple in premise and execution.


Is the gaff hard to create?


Everyone can do it, some people will take to it like a duck to water others it may take a couple of tries to get it spot on but the instructions are very clear with screen in screen shots to show close ups.


Does the gaff take long to create?


At first when you learn you will obviously be taking a bit longer as you will be taking care but Ben can easily make a gimmick up in about 2 - 3 minutes.


Do I need to force a card?


No, you can (and Ben does this regularly) just perform O.C.L. with a card that you remove from your pocket. There is no evidence of it being a gaff. If you want to have the card selected then yes, you will need a force!


Are the linked rings really inspectable?


Yes! The rings are 100% inspectable, Ben also teaches some nice presentational ideas for giving the linked souvenir away


Are there any cut marks on the face or back of the card that are visible if you look closely in the correct lighting?


No! They are just completely linked with no slits, gaps or little elfin like dwarfs!


Can I have a biscuit?


Yes you can!





Owners of O.C.L also get exclusive access to the private discussion forum at

The forum contains extra's, downloads, news, tips, and advice about Whitestar, as well as the ability to discuss the effect and its presentation with its creators.







'Ben's OCL is One Clever Link:

or... One Cunning Link
Or...  One Clever Lusion
or... an Outstandingly Creative Lusion
or... an Optically Clever Lusion

Lusion isn't actually a word, but I quite like
it!' - Stephen Tucker.


Great job Ben......The set up isn't that bad for the reactions you get. I make up a few of these in the morning and perform it when I'm doing walk around, or restaurant work.....Leaves a great souvenir. Good Work! - Nico Zottos - The Magic Cafe.


TYPE: Instand Video Download WMV for Windows media player or Apple Quicktime


DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download(worldwide)



OCL One Card Link - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
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