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01. Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $36.50
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Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis

This book is about hypnosis and how to use it effectively. It will teach you what hypnosis is and how to hypnotise people anytime and anywhere.


Whether your aim is to use hypnosis for fun, influence, profit or hypnotic engineering this book will show you how.

  • Is it possible to walk into a shop and leave with
    any goods you choose without paying?

  • Is it possible to become 'invisible'?

  • Is it possible to pay people with blank paper
    rather than cash?

  • Is it possible to make people collapse with laughter
    on your command?

  • Can you get free drinks by convincing bar staff
    you are a superstar?

The answer to all of these questions and many more is YES. The techniques in this book will show you how.

Reality is Plastic

The techniques in this book are simple direct and can be learnt without any prior knowledge of hypnosis. They can be applied effectively in a real world setting, well out of the comfort zone of the therapy room and without the luxury of a stage full of expectant subjects. They are entirely impromptu.



 Who is Anthony Jacquin?

Anthony Jacquin is a true talent in the world of hypnosis. Highly qualified and experienced in his field, he is a performer, therapist and trainer.

Anthony has worked with thousands of individuals, one to one and in groups, showing them how to swiftly change their life. He has featured in national and local media and runs an internationally recognised training course. He has worked extensively on stage and with TV companies with his unique brand of stage, impromptu and street hypnosis.
His approach and products are highly regarded by magicians and mentalists as well as hypnotists.


Customers who purchase Reality is Plastic also get free access to the passworded 'reality is plastic' secrets forum at , to swap and share ideas, tips and routines.


TYPE: Instant PDF Ebook (1.51MB)

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download(worldwide)



Reality is Plastic




'This book is dynamite - it is quite simple the only book you will need on the subject, period.' - Auberon Moore


'This book delivers what it promises. It is that simple. This is an excellent manual about how to hypnotize people. There is nothing pretentious here. All very practical, realistic, and down to earth. There is no filler, no "blubber", pure meat.' - Enrique Enriquez


'This book completely shattered my beliefs about what was and was not possible with hypnosis. It is brilliant, and certainly the best rapid induction book I have ever read.' - Thom Bleasdale


'I really couldn't ask for much more from a hypnosis based product that could be so quickly applied to mentalism' -Vincent Lynch


'Reality Is Plastic is now one of my favourite books. Corindas 13 steps, Paul Brooks the Gift, and Reality Is Plastic will always be in my backpack'. - John Gearheart


'More than impressed with this purchase - what I have and will continue to learn from this will aid my performances of mentalism and impromptu hypnosis no end. I am greatly impressed with the material here, and look forward to
performing these ideas.

'Can you hypnotise me?'    Now I can say 'YES'". - Tom DeVoe


'I got this and loved it too.' - Ken Dyne


'I think this ebook is fantastic!! Anthony has written the book in a clear and easy to understand format. The content is second to none (IMHO), it is direct (excuse the pun) and to the point (exactly what I wanted.) If you want to know how to hypnotise a colleague, friend or complete stranger in a bar or any social venue then this is the book for you. Anthony teaches a range of very quick inductions that are perfect to use in a mentalism setting.' - Dazzman99


'It's fantastic!' - Derek Heron


'This book is a must. not the only one to have but the info given is VERY good. - Mariagi


'I must also say what a fine book this is, really gave me a much clearer understanding of hypnosis and how to initiate myself into using it to enhance my act. Had my first success with this last weekend and it was most exciting! Thanks Anthony for makings this process clear.' - Al Straker


"As an experienced hypnotist I have a vast collection of books on the subject. The one thing that I noticed about Reality Is Plastic is that Anthony really installs a great deal of faith in the reader that will undoubtedly motivate him/her to attain the goal of becoming a hypnotist. There is a barrier between reading about hypnosis and actually performing it, and it is quite large, many people find it difficult to make the transition unless they are mentored; this book will help ANYONE to bridge that gap.

Other than having a mentor this really is the best book that you will find if you wish to take up the art of hypnosis." -Paul Brook, Author & Professional Mindreader


"This little treasure is packed with no-nonsense here's-how-to-do-it information. It's crammed with advice and tips that are obviously gleamed from years of experience. A welcome addition to my bookshelf, and one that will end up well-thumbed."  - Drew McAdam, Professional Entertainer

Reality is Plastic - By Anthony Jacquin - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
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