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Gaff Factory - By Craig Matsuoka - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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A comprehensive dry-mounting tutorial

Making gaffed playing cards just got a whole lot easier!

This new 80 page ebook introduces you to the wonders of dry mounting tissue (a.k.a. "DMT"). What's DMT? It's an adhesive that lets you make gaffs that look, feel, and snap like a normal card. If all you've ever known are rubber cement, sprays, and glue sticks, then you've been missing out big-time. This book will open your eyes.

On the other hand, perhaps you heard of DMT, but never bothered to try it because the equipment costs turned you off. Or maybe you gave up on it after getting horrible results with a clothes iron. Well, it's time for you to take a second look.

Dry mounting techniques have always been kept somewhat on the down-low, and few sources of information are available about it. Existing material on the subject often gives it shallow treatment and leaves students puzzled when things don't go as smoothly as the instructor says they should. If this has been your experience, then you want this ebook. The Gaff Factory was written by someone who feels your pain and has gone through a great deal of effort to make the process easy to understand.

Easy step-by-step instructions walk you through the whole process in detail

Easy step-by-step instructions

If you've been afraid of DMT, this book will banish your fear and tip the secrets of success. You'll learn how to get professional quality results without expensive dry mounting presses or a wonky clothes iron. And if you shop wisely, all the necessary equipment and materials can be rounded up for under fifty dollars. The beauty of this system is that we keep things simple. There's nothing to build, and everything can be bought "off the shelf" and used as is.

You'll also learn how to make split face gaffs with virtually undetectable seams, and an unusual method of indirectly laser printing on cards that doesn't require stripping away the finish [This printing method requires an item that is not easily obtainable outside the U.S.A.]. It works without removing the air-cushion finish and does not involve stickers, clear labels, iron-on t-shirt transfers, or waterslide decal paper. As a bonus, the download includes pips and indexes in vector format that you can manipulate in free open source DTP software.

Sound interesting? Then join the growing club of DMT enthusiasts and order your copy today!

Just a few samples of the cards you can make



  • Dry Splitting
  • Double-facers
  • DMT preparation
  • Materials and equipment
  • Corner Rounding
  • Shimmed Cards
  • Split Faces and Backs
  • Invisible Seams
  • Working with Razor Blades
  • Long Cards
  • Acrobatic Cards
  • Hofzinser's Transparent Cards
  • Erasing Methods
  • Restoring the Finish
  • Toner Transfer Secrets
  • Creating graphics using free open source software
  • List of Sources & Mfrs

1st edition 2007; this ebook is in its 5th edition; 80 pages, 126 photos, 23 illustrations.



He covers
- card splitting
- making double-facers
- corner rounding
- shimmed cards
- long cards
- split faces and backs
- invisible seams
- Acrobatic Cards
- transparent Hofzinser cards
- eight pages on printing cards on a laser printer

I rate this A+. What a find! This is very professional. You won't believe the detail.

Craig has included picture after picture of how to do everything and even gives the sources to buy everything. VERY impressive. This is clearly an important addition to this skill's knowledge base.

From the Acrobat sample: "This is only an eleven page sample of THE GAFF FACTORY in low resolution. The actual book has seventy-eight pages supplemented by 117 color photographs and 23 illustrations. Also included in this package is a file containing vector graphics of card indexes and pips which you can manipulate..."

Compare what you see in the sample with the table of contents and you'll get an idea of how complete this booklet is.' - Steve Hook


'This is a great product. I was very happy with my purchase.' - Scott F. Guinn


'I just received this new ebook from Craig. He did a steller job with the photography and explanations.

Craig includes a few extra files on the CD which will be useful to those serious about doing this type of work. As an extra bonus, he even includes some DMT with which to get started.

Nice product, Craig. This should be in the collection of all serious card workers.'

- Jim Riser  


'I'm very happy... I'll be using many ideas contained in the ebook' - Joshua Barrett


'Two thumbs up for Craig's Gaff Factory. Tons of really good stuff and it's all very clearly explained. It even has a section with references on where you can purchase all of the necessary tools and materials.

If you want to put together your own gaffed cards you WON'T be disappointed!

- Bill Lhotta


'His modus operandi doesn't rely on the use of rubber cement, but on dry mount tissue.
I had a few talks with him about his method, and I already gave it a few tries, and it rocks! Great results, crisp, and FLAT gaffed cards! ...he goes over great details, finesses, and additional tips to make more complex gaffs, I am sure that the whole thing is a must-have if you feel like making your own stuff regarding gaffed cards.

- Jonathan Philippe 


'You go through the rubber cement phase...and then you discover Dry Mount Tissue.

It's an epiphany, I tell ya!' - Steve Taylor



TYPE: PDF E-Book Instant Download (9.5MB) PLUS Folder of Extras

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download(worldwide)




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